National Board Certification - Authentic PD at its BestOverview and Recent Changes
MEGA Conference 2015Mobile, Alabama
Presenters: Melissa Shields (NBCT, 2000) and Amber Trantham (NBCT, 2006)

Session PowerPoint - (July 2015)

National Board Certified Teachers and the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards advance the quality of teaching and learning by:

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Revisions to the National Board Certification Process (PPT)
Guide to National Board Certification - For Candidates beginning in 2014-2015.

Alabama 2013 State NBCT Profile

NBCT Mentoring
Northeast Alabama Mentoring Group - For First-Time Candidates and Renewals


If you are in your eighth or ninth year as a National Board Certified teacher (NBCT), it is time to begin the NBCT renewal process. By renewing your certification, you can demonstrate that your professional practice remains consistent with the high and rigorous standards for your subject area.

When you renew, you:
  • Maintain your designation as a National Board Certified Teacher and the right to use “NBCT.”
  • Use renewal to reflect on how your teaching practice continues to support student learning.
  • Preserve your professional stature even after you retire, leave the classroom or change careers.
  • Continue to have the opportunity as an NBCT to advocate for educational reform and champion policies that support teaching excellence.
  • Sustain salary incentives (in some states and localities).
  • Stay connected through NBPTS programs, products and services such as NBCTLink, the new password-protected online community exclusively for NBCTs; AdvocacyLink, the new online advocacy resource; and NBPTS NewsLink, the online newsletter.

Renewal Requirements
  • Your original 10-year certificate must be valid when you apply for renewal. NBCTs whose certification has expired are not eligible for renewal.
  • You must be in your eighth or ninth year of certification to begin the renewal process.
  • Your state teaching license must be current and unencumbered (e.g. not suspended or revoked). Teachers who are not required by the state to hold a license must submit proof that the school in which they teach is recognized and approved to operate by the state. Renewal candidates who are not actively teaching but plan to establish a relationship and work with students of a colleague in order to complete renewal must meet the teaching licensure requirements of the state.
  • All candidates must meet all established deadlines and submit the full $1,150 assessment fee to be eligible for renewal.

copied from http://www.nbpts.org/for_nbcts/certification_renewal

"Getting Started" Renewal Workshop Handout

[[http://www.ecboe.org/cms/lib6/AL01000791/Centricity/Domain/37/PGE_Matrix[1].doc|Matrix]] for Renewal Portfolio
NBPTS Renewal PowerPoint (Overview, Suggestions, and Sample Entries)

Organizer to Prepare to Write Responses to Prompt Questions for PGEs

PGE Worksheet to Organize Portfolio

8 Aspects Tool Multi-purpose Tool for Analyzing Your Teaching with the 8 Aspects of the Rubric

You may use this tool for different stages of completing the components —brainstorming, planning, analyzing video/student learning and written commentary.

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards website: http://www.nbpts.org/

Alabama NBCT Website: http://www.alabamanbctnetwork.com/

Helpful NBCT Candidate Resources: http://www.ecboe.org/Page/245

Sec. of Education Arne Duncan's message (video) to those considering National Board Certification.