AAA School Orientation Meeting PPT and Handouts (January-February 2017)

Your Regional Support Coordinator will provide a similar PPT personalized for your district/school.

Information and Resources

Root Cause Analysis Training PPT (with Voiceover)

Be sure to click "View Slideshow" to hear the voice-over recording, as well as review the helpful notes provided for key slides. This session is designed for any school with a “failing school” status per the Alabama Accountability Act. This session is the final installment for the first cohort of schools identified in January 2016. Participants from this cohort will find PLU information included at the end of the presentation. District leaders are also asked to turn around the Root Cause Analysis process with any newly identified schools from the January 2017 release.

Alabama Support Plan
Outlines the support requirements from the school’s perspective.

Goal Action Plan

Data Collecting Profile Document

New Program Review Template

Principles of Effective Schools Self-Assessment

District Self-Assessment

Comprehensive Audit Checklist (only selected schools)