Continuous Improvement Resource Page

Helpful Data

See User-Friendly Alabama Data Resources as well.

Continuous Improvement Training Presentations

ACIP Process and Tools (Melissa Shields, 2017 for Birmingham City)
CIP and Title I Training PPT (ALSDE Mega 2016)

CIP Training PPT (Melissa Shields, 2016)

Sample Rubric for a District Review of a School’s ACIP:

Advanc-Ed Resources

ASSIST Website: list of resources and instructions)

ACIP Checklist:
ASSIST - Making Changes and Re-Submitting (Saving):
ASSIST Sample Yearly Timeline

  • Executive Summary
  • Improvement Plan Stakeholder Involvement
  • Student Performance
  • Goals
  • Plan
  • ACIP Assurances

Title I Schools: Please be aware that you must complete the following diagnostics in addition to the other required components of the ACIP:
  1. Stakeholder Feedback Diagnostic
  2. Strategies to Increase Parental Involvement Diagnostic (this is the school’s Parent Involvement Plan
  3. Coordination of Resources-Comprehensive Budget Diagnostic
  4. Title I Schoolwide

For assistance with the use of the technical use of the ACIP in ASSIST, please contact Jean Scott at or 334-353-7211.

Other Reminders:
  • ASSIST works best in Google Chrome or Firefox.
  • Title 1 schools complete "Additional" tabs and Diagnostic Parent Survey.
  • Executive Summary - Title it with the Year (Executive Summary 2015)

CIP "Quick Sheets" (Condensed version to share with stakeholders, board members, website, etc.)

Sample District Quick Sheet
Sample High School Quick Sheet
Sample Elementary School Quick Sheet

Quick Sheet Template (MS Publisher)

Quick Sheet Screenshot Directions

Classroom Rounds (Walkthroughs) Resources Aligned to CIP

Listed below are the "Classroom Rounds" tools that can be used to document student learning, CIP progress, and cognitive coaching strategies. Each school's principal and CIP coordinator may edit or update the forms, as needed for their schools. These forms are not punitive in nature; rather, the observer documents the evidence that occurs or is visible (as opposed to what is not). Feedback on online forms can be immediately provided to teachers and principals.

Online Forms - Responses are fed into a Google Spreadsheet and Graph
(Contact Melissa Shields if you would like a editable copy shared with you)

Elementary Rounds Online Form
Secondary Rounds Online Form

Excerpt of Graph Data

Hard-Copy/Print-Friendly Versions
Open Response
Criteria Response

Sample Goals/Strategies/Activities

These goals are merely samples - not prescriptive in any way. Schools and systems must develop goals and strategies that best meet their unique needs and data.

ACADEMIC Goals (Could do overarching LEARNERS goal OR individual MATH and LITERACY goals)

Engage the learner through high quality K-12 aligned College and Career Ready Standards, instruction, and assessment for all core content areas.

Improve Student Proficiency in Math and Reduce Identified Learning Gaps

Improve Student Literacy Proficiency and Reduce Identified Learning Gaps


Prepare and Support Teachers to graduate College and Career Ready Students.

Prepare and support students through student support services.